Takket være Marianne har jeg reddet i land kvelden min. Hun har nemlig julekalendertradisjon med forskjellige sitater, som lurte meg inn på MORO!

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<M3rlin-> what is the legal age to buy alcoholic in england ?
<p5Ds13a06> you can’t buy alcoholics
<p5Ds13a06> but if you wink the right way, some of them will follow you home for free

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<<UT> ho//\rzd> just an option:
<<UT> ho//\rzd>  you tell me where your sentence ends, that would help. ;D
<F3AR | Bailey> i
<F3AR | Bailey> broke
<F3AR | Bailey> my
<F3AR | Bailey> space
<F3AR | Bailey> bar
<F3AR | Bailey> lol

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<Mike> So I have a Skype forwarding enabled for my cellphone, so any phone call made to me on Skype forwards to my cellphone. It’s a couple bucks a month, so why not.
<Mike> Anyways, I am studying with my friend beside me and I see Skype on my computer start ringing. I didn’t want to answer with my computer so I picked up my cellphone and told my friend “One second, taking a phone call” without thinking about it.
<Mike> My phone rings 1 second later, I answer it, walk out of the room.
<Mike> Didn’t realize how much of a psychic hero I looked like to my friend until I left the room. Looked at my friend through the window who is sitting like O_O

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<&||bass> GODDAMNIT
<&||bass> i’m searching for how to do something in java
<&||bass> i just checked in google
<&||bass> you know what the results are?
<&||bass> me posting in various forms asking how to fucking do it

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  1. Haha. Glad jeg kunne hjelpe ;) er jo fantastisk. Rett og slett.

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