I can’t belive I haven’t done this before now! Even grumpy people on an eight hour flight could not ruin this vacation to go see my family in the US, I even survived the five hours on the worst airport (of the big ones that is, imagine having NO trolleys or computers!) I’ve ever been on.

Seeing that this post could easily become extremly long and uniteresting for everyone but me, I’ll try and stick to pictures and small paragraphs. But please don’t arrest me when I can’t manage my task, cause I’ve had an AMAZING time and I would love to share it with everyone :)

Arriving Portland airport, the first thing that met me was Eliza giving me a hug and saying “I’ve got toy horses!”. She’s my cousin’s daughter, and had clearly learned that I have a horse at home. Her brother was there as well, both brought along to pick me up by my uncle and aunt. On our way home we had a dinner stop at Buck’s Naked where we met my cousin Ellen and her boyfriend Anthony. Here I also had my first “oh gosh, what should I order?!” problem; one of MANY! And I hadn’t seen Ellen for at least 15 years!

Monday morning started off with Eliza coming to wake me up, and then playing dolls with me. At noon her parents came to pick up her and Finn, the last time I saw them Berret was pregnant with Eliza. After a bit of much needed relaxing, Martin took me to get bait for the lobster traps. On our way home we went to get dinner, and I found the biggest onion I’ve ever seen! It was seriously ENORMOUS! Tuesday I visited Martin, Ellen and Kristofer at work, went to lunch with them and got totally overwhelmed at the grocery shop. That evening we went to dinner with Ellen, Nancy’s parents, her brother, his wife and their son at a place called Dolphin. Sea food reastaurant, so naturally I had chicken :) Everthing was served with a blueberry muffin wich was soooo nice!

Wednesday it was time for a trip to Vinalhaven along with Nancy’s brother. My family has a camp there, and to get there we needed to take a ferry and then walk aproximately 20 minuts. Even if I had a broken toe I think I managed to keep up, and two burgers and several dead ants later we arrived in Bath were we met up with more family for dinner at a steak house… Difficulties in deciding what to eat lead to the best steak I’ve ever tasted… Yummi!

Thursday and Friday was spent shopping in Freeport and Brunswick, and relaxing by the pool. I love America! Everything was so cheap compared to Norway, and I got SO many nice things! On thursday, Eric (my last cousin) was back in town and he came to dinner and hot tub. Oh yeah, my family has a pool AND a hot tub… I tried to tell them I would steal both of them and bring them home, but sadly they would not fit into my bag. Friday we also celebrated Finn’s second birthday with a cook out, before Eric, Ellen and Anthony took me bowling and partying in Portland.

“Helt om natta, helt om da’n” as I would say in Norwegian, we started saturday morning with lobstering before breakfast. Since I don’t eat lobster (and we only got one) we also had pancakes :D Then Martin and I went on a mission to find riding pants (wich we found eventually… at the hardware store!) before we went to Kristoffer and Berret’s house to eat chinese. Then Berret and I went to the cinema and saw Bridesmades :)

Sunday, my last day… We met up with Ellen and Eric for a brunch that included Bloody Mary’s that made me make so funny faces that my whole family cracked up. Not my thing obviously, I’ll stick with cocoa! Ellen and I hit the shops in Freeport and then drove to Portland to be brave and challenge The Mall. Seriously, they have the biggest shop I’ve EVER been to… Litterally five shops in one, ending up in a huge Forever 21 store. We also did Victoria Secret, where I brought the CUTEST nightgown. Ellen dropped me off at home, just in time for “Thanksgiving” dinner and hot tub.

Visiting Brunswick has been amazing, both “hyggelig” and fun! I really hope I haven’t been a nuisance to my family, I’ve really enjoyed seeing them all again and spending time with everyone. GREAT vacation! :D Oh yeah, I should just delete that sentence about sticking to pictures and short explanations, shouldn’t I?

All my best Brunswick pictures can be seen at Flickr

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  1. Jeg liker ikke hvor mange ganger du nevner badebasseng og boblebad :P Det er bare dårlig gjort :P
    Har lyst til å dra til USA en gang. Nesten bare pga lave priser og for å se hvor stort alt absolutt skal være der. Både butikker og ting.
    Selvsagt av mange andre grunner også, da :P
    Jeg trudde du overdreiv bittelitt med den løken forresten. Men jeg ser jo nå at det var jo feil å tru :P

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